Friday, August 15, 2014

C, C++, Java programming on Android

Hello folks, recently I've been trying to do some programming on my tablet galaxy tab 2. For that I installed couple of apps whose list I am presenting here for those who are looking to learn programming on tablet.

For android and Java programming look no further. You can also pay to get guided tutorials. Excellent app, free for expert coding.

For C, C++ programming on your tablet. Excellent source editor; write, save, compile. Its as easy as one two three. Unfortunately it's better to pay and get rid of ads to reclaim screen estate. Along with that I use terminalide keyboard which itself is great app for programming but lacks smoothness of CPPDROID. This app also has nice tutorials and examples.

Other app worth mentioning are SAND ide, DroidEdit and SourceReader. Please look for them on Google play. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by n reading.

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