Monday, October 1, 2012

Android development using jEdit part 2

In this part of tutorial we will see how to create Android virtual devices, create a project and deploy it.

First of all create an AVD of targetted Android platform.

Select Plugins->A-B->Android->Create AVD and fill in details. One needs to enter AVD Name (Specify identifiable name by which you can guess platform later), Target (platform),  SD Card Size and Skin. If no dialog box comes up check your $PATH variable, that happened with me and I kept wondering until I realize that Android sdk tools directory was missing from path.

If you see this error "Error: This platform has more than one ABI. Please specify one using --abi." in console window (requires console plugin) manually specify ABI as bellow.
android create avd -n avd-jelly-bean -t 11 -c 32M -s WVGA800 --abi x86
Android 4.1 is a basic Android platform.
Do you wish to create a custom hardware profile [no]
Process android exited with code 0
Created AVD 'avd-jelly-bean' based on Android 4.1, Intel Atom (x86) processor,
with the following hardware config:
 PS. Bye no means this is an Android tutorial, nor I am a pro. To know about ABI etc follow any Android programming tutorial.

Launch the AVD by selecting "Launch AVD"

Depending upon how powerful machine you've got, sooner or later you'll see AVD running.

Now create a android project

Create a project viewer project. This one is for jEdit to track and different from Android project.

Build and deploy this project, and you shall see it in you emulator listed among other apps like this

If you see an error like "waiting for device" even if the AVD  is running try instructions from here.

This ends the tutorial here, I would like to reiterate that I am not a pro and if you want to learn Android programming in detail here is a link.

Thanks for reading, many thanks goes to Dale Anson for this plugin. See you some time later :).


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